Currently the best way to maximise interest on your savings is to place your cash into high-interest current accounts.

The problem is that many of these require you to pay in a certain amount of money each month in order to qualify for interest. You can get round this requirement by opening up a number of current accounts with different banks and moving money between them.

Also some top paying current accounts require you to setup a minimum number of direct debits. This can be a pain as most people don't want to have to move utility bill payments or setup new direct debits on these accounts.

Bank Account Savings Calculator

We've built a tool that you can use to help guide you as to which current accounts you should open to obtain the most interest. Simply input the amount of money you can put into savings and voila, your tailored savings plan will be produced.

The results are split into three distinct sections.
Firstly, we will advise which accounts you should open, and how much money you should place into each.
Secondly, we will produce a monthly standing order schedule, advising you how to move the money around the various accounts. This way, you will satisfy all of the pay-in requirements.
Finally we will show you how many direct debits you will need to setup on each account.

Bank Account Savings Calculator

Please note this tool is currently in development so we would love your feedback (good or bad) - please e-mail [email protected] with any thoughts :)