Hi, I'm Adam and I build price comparison sites for a living. Each one that I build is built for a particular purpose - be it to help people save money on mobiles, laptops, nappies or any other type of product.

As an IT techie, I fancied the challenge of trying to create an algorithm that could work out the best way to make interest on my savings.

So I've built this website to help people answer that very question - and I hope that you find it useful. I love receiving feedback, so please get in touch.

Tool Assumptions

The main assumption that underpins this tool is that it does everything it can to keep your money contained within savings accounts (so you don't have to touch any current accounts and cause issues there).

Because of this, it'll typically suggest two different accounts, so you can pass money between them to satisfy the pay-in criteria.

Obviously you may be able to make money interest by opening accounts just from a single source, but you'll need to make sure you have enough money in your current account to satisfy the pay-in criteria each month

My other tools

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Please note this tool is currently in development so we would love your feedback (good or bad) - please e-mail [email protected] with any thoughts :)